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Anglo-Portuguese Studies

Coordinator: Maria Zulmira Castanheira

Anglophone Cultures and History

Coordinator: Gabriela Gândara Terenas

Mapping Utopianisms

Coordinator: Fátima Vieira

Relational Forms: Medial and Textual Transits in Ireland and Britain

Coordinator: Rui Carvalho Homem

Shakespeare and The English Canon: History, Criticism, Translation

Coordinator: Gualter Cunha

Translation, Teacher Education and Applied Language Studies (TEALS)​

Coordinator: Carlos Ceia

Our Research Strands

Orientalism and Anglo-Portuguese Colonial Relationships
Science and Culture
American Intersections
Intercultural studies in second language education
Teacher education and curriculum studies in second language education



Contexts and Conditions for Successful CLIL in Portugal

Maria Ellison, Margarida Morgado, Margarida Coelho. U.Porto Press, 2022s volume is the product of an action of the Working CLIL research strand of CETAPS – the Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies of which the Editors of this volume are members.


Estudos sobre Didática e Formação de Professores


Publicado em Lisboa e em São Paulo pela Lisbon International Press, este novo livro do Professor Carlos Ceia reúne estudos que resultaram de conferências, comunicações, artigos científicos, textos de opinião e intervenções públicas sobre educação, didáctica das línguas e da literatura e formação de professores.

To the Farthest Gulf for the Wealth of India: Representações de Macau no Peabody Essex Museum (Salem)

Esta obra de Rogério Miguel Puga (em 2 volumes), acaba de ser publicada, em Macau, em chinês e português, pela Fundaçao Macau. A publicação é um catálogo e um estudo sobre a representação de Macau nas coleções (de pintura, mobiliário, leques, fotografia, desenho e gravura) do Peabody Essex Museum, um dos mais antigos museus dos Estados Unidos da América, e é fruto de um projeto de investigação financiado pela referida Fundação e apoiado pelo Museu norte-americano.

Language Dynamics in the Early Modern Period

Edited By Karen Bennett, Angelo Cattaneo


Of interest to linguists, literary scholars and historians, amongst others, this interdisciplinary volume explores the linguistic dynamics operating in Europe and beyond in the crucial centuries between 1400 and 1800.


Language Dynamics in the Early Modern Period book cover

In 2024 CETAPS and IHC (NOVA FCSH) will host a conference dedicated to

Queen Elizabeth II: Life, Times, Legacies

The reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II (1952-2022) was the longest so far in the history of the British monarchy. Partly due, without doubt, to its exceptional duration, her seventy-year reign witnessed momentous events with far-reaching consequences, such as the end of the Empire; the decline of Britain on the international political scene; the ‘troubles’ and unrest within the British Isles and the prospect of a DisUnited Kingdom; the emergence and consolidation of popular and youth cultures and the relationship between the Crown and the media, to name but a few. The period is also of particular interest for Anglo-Portuguese Studies, as it raises issues such as the political relations between the two oldest allies during the Salazar/Caetano regime, the official visits, the impact of World War II, decolonisation, and the Revolution of the 25th April 1974, amongst others. This International Conference seeks to analyse and assess Elizabeth’s life, times, and legacies across a broad range of disciplines, themes and topics.

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