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CETAPS is a research centre that brings together people from 11 Portuguese institutions of higher education, promoting research and activities with high national and international reach.

Evaluation Panel: ARTS AND HUMANITIES – Literary Studies
FCT 2013-2017 Evaluation (current): Overall Quality Grade: EXCELLENT

O CETAPS acolhe candidaturas ao Concurso Estímulo ao Emprego Científico Individual – 5ª Edição (CEEC)

CETAPS hosts applications to Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus – 5th Edition

SOUNDSCAPES: Translating from Music

This short online course provides an introduction to the meaning-making potential of music, with a view to ultimately stimulating the production of intersemiotic/experiential translations into other media, like drawing, poetry, mime or dance. Organised by CETAPS under the auspices of the Experiential Translation Network, it is aimed at anyone that is interested in or moved by music, with or without a background in musical practice or theory. The objective is to heighten awareness of the semiotic potential inherent in the Western musical tradition through a series of listening exercises and discussions, before mobilizing this knowledge in the production of a new creative work.

The course will consist of six two-hour workshops to be taught on line via Zoom in the second semester of 2021-2022 (from March). It is free of charge, but applicants are asked to enrol (LINK TO GOOGLE DOCS FORM, here: https://soundscapestranslatingfrommusic.wordpress.com/) in order to have access to the materials and link.

The timetable will be negotiated, but it is likely to take place on Friday afternoons and run for six weeks. Alternative models may be considered if enough people prefer.

After the course, an exhibition session will be organized in order to present the various translations created and discuss the implications of the exercise with a broader public.

Teaching English to Pre-Primary Children (DELTA Publishing, 2020), written by Sandie Mourão (CETAPS) with Gail Ellis has won the prestigious ELTons Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources.

One of the judges wrote: “At last, a serious discussion about the complexity of pre-primary and the need for highly skilled practitioners.” 

Review: Teaching English to Pre-primary Children combines depth with accessibility and which makes it  a real contribution to this field. [It] will be a goldmine for specialist language teachers who have not studied childhood development providing step-by-step guidance on how to develop the knowledge and skills needed to teach the whole child through English. [For] experts in childhood development without specialist language training, the book also fills an essential gap, providing accessible introductions to language acquisition theories and clear guidelines for introducing meaningful and age-appropriate language learning activities into their practice.  (Julie Waddington, in ETp, 30, p 34-35)

The ELTons (English Language Teaching Innovation Awards) are international awards given annually by the British Council. They recognise and celebrate innovation in the field of English Language Teaching and reward educational resources that help English language learners and teachers to achieve their goals using innovative content, methods or media. The awards also recognise the organisations, teams and individuals whose original approaches are helping to shape the future of English language teaching and learning.



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