“Verão com Ciência 2022” scholarships winners

– Pedro Carola
– Joana Baptista
– Daniela Rodrigues
– Michelle Caldeira
– Ana Cláudia Mendes

CETAPS’s 2021 Scholarships winners


♦ BII – Bolsa de Iniciação à Investigação – TEALS (Teacher Education and Applied Language Studies)

Daniel Cascão

CiênciaID: 2814-3096-1D8F


Daniel Cascão is a Master’s student in Education of English and French in Middle School and High School at NOVA University of Lisbon. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Languages, Literatures and Cultures at the same institute. As a junior investigator, his interests include Comparative Literature and Content Language and Integrated Learning (CLIL).

Cascão, Daniel. “Personalisation and Depersonalisation: How MMORPGs affect our identities”. Angry Young Postmodernism: Ensaios do Seminário de Inglês sobre o Pós-modernismo na Literatura e na Cultura Anglo-Americanas. (Ceia, Carlos, Ed.)



♦ BII – Bolsa de Iniciação à Investigação – Anglo-Portuguese Studies

Joana Rodrigues

Ciência ID: 871F-1E81-204F


Joana C. Rodrigues holds a bachelor’s degree in Translation from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Modern Literatures and Cultures at the same institution. Her main fields of interest are Cultural Studies, Women’s Studies, as well as Travel Writing.


BII – Bolsa de Iniciação à Investigação – Anglophone Cultures and History

Ana Rita Pereira Brettes

Ciência ID: 1719-7A04-FBF6


Researcher at CETAPS (BII), MA Student, Teacher and Translator
Affiliation: FCSH- Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Professional Experience: As a researcher in CETAPS in the area of Anglophone Cultures and History: Science and Culture, she combines this recent passion with teaching Business English and Portuguese as a foreign language at the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce since 2005, as well as being a technical translator at Ana Airports and a Literary translator at Nirvana Studios.
Formation: She is presently writing her masters dissertation focused on Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and its Portuguese translations at  FCSH- Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She has a degree in English and German Language and Modern Literature (1996-2000), a Specialization in Teaching Portuguese as a foreign language (2006-2007) both from the Arts Faculty of the Lisbon University, as well as a Post-graduation in Educational Administration (2007-2008) at ISEC, Lisbon.

Symposium/Colloquium Participation:
February 2020- “New Voices in Portuguese Translation Studies III” with the presentation of the paper “Orlando, de Virgínia Woolf. As questões de género presentes em duas traduções” (“Virginia Wolf’s Orlando. The Presence of Gender in two different translations”).

February 2021- “New Voices in Portuguese Translation Studies IV” with the presentation of the paper “A Tradução do Hedonismo em O Retrato de Dorian Gray: O Dândi de Januário Leite vs O Fausto de Margarida Vale de Gato” (“The Translation of hedonism in The Picture of Dorian Gray: Januário Leite’s Dandy vs Margarida Vale de Gato’s Faust”).

Conference organization:
February 2013– “Primeiros Passos para a Mudança na Educação do Séc. XXI” (First Steps towards Educational Change in the 21st Century) at the Arts Faculty of the Lisbon University. This conference had the goal of discussing the essence of the bilingual educational system of Astoria International School (which I founded  in 2009) based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

Research Interests:
Anglophone Cultures and History: Science and Culture, Translation Studies and Educational Strategies in English and Portuguese as a foreign language.


BID – Bolsa de Investigação Doutoramento – TEALS (Teacher Education and Applied Language Studies)

Ana Leão

Google Scholar:
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Ana Leão has been teaching English at a cluster of schools in Portugal. She also has experience as a foreign language teacher to adults from different cultures and origins in Madrid and Reykjavik. She worked as a translator in Madrid and Reykjavik. She was an invited translator and interpreter at Iceland University and Islandsstofa. She holds a master’s degree in English Teaching Methodology and advanced studies in Language Didactics. She is interested in the areas of education for intercultural citizenship, democratic culture and CLIL. She is a PhD candidate and a collaborator member at TEALS – CETAPS.

Awards, Publications and Conferences as a teacher and researcher

2020 – Participated in the Networking Europeans Citizenship Education Conference (NECE) 2020 “Reconnecting in a post pandemic world. Citizenship education for democracy and sustainability with a Pechakucha presentation entitled “Democratic Competence.”

2019 – “Estilos de aprendizaje y las tecnologías digitales: la competencia intercultural en el aula de lengua extranjera,” for the World Congress about Learning Styles in Colombia, VIII CONGRESO MUNDIAL DE ESTILOS DE APRENDIZAJE: MODELOS EDUCATIVOS, RETOS PARA LOS DOCENTES EN LA DIVERSIDAD DE CONTEXTOS DE FORMACIÓN. < >

2019 – “Interculturality in English Language Teaching,” Via Panorâmica journal.



FOREIGN LANGUAGE –  “Intercultural language  education for increased European identity and cohesion,” held at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences – New University of Lisbon – on 9th  – 10th November 2018 with a talk entitled: Interculturality in English Language Teaching – a small study with Portuguese teachers.

2018 – Holds the JRAAS SEAL OF RESEARCH EXCELLENCE since May 2018.

2018 – Participated in the 2ND JRAAS ANGLO-AMERICAN STUDIES MEETING in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities – University of Porto –  15th May with a presentation entitled Interculturality in English Language Teaching

2018 – “Interculturality in English Language Teaching – a small study with Portuguese teachers”- e-Teals:<>

2006 – Participated in a CONFERENCE AT THE CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN COMMUNICATION, INFORMATION AND DIGITAL CULTURE, about an educational experiential activity – a blog created for a 5th grade alternative curriculum at Barbosa du Bocage cluster of schools in Setúbal <>


BID – Bolsa de Investigação Doutoramento – Anglophone Cultures and History

Ana Brígida Paiva

Ciência ID: EE1E-D499-AEB9


Ana Brígida Paiva is a PhD student of Modern Literatures and Cultures – Comparative Literature Studies at NOVA University of Lisbon, as well as a recepient of a CETAPS PhD research grant funded by FCT. Her research focuses predominantly on the representations of China in Portuguese and British children’s literature of the XX and XXI centuries. She completed her Masters degree in Translation Studies at NOVA University of Lisbon with dissertation about the Portuguese translations of Roald Dahl’s children’s books, under the supervision of Prof. Gabriela Gândara Terenas and Prof. Maria Zulmira Castanheira. Ana Brígida Paiva has collaborated with the Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies since 2014, and is a member of Junior Researchers in Anglo-American Studies (JRAAS). Her research interests include Anglo-Portuguese Studies, Comparative Literature, Children’s Literature, Translation Studies and Postcolonial Studies. Ana Brígida Paiva is also a translator, copywriter and language trainer.


♦ Concurso de Estímulo ao Emprego Científico (CEEC)

(1 Aug 2021 to 27 Feb 2022)
Catarina Castro
Ciência ID: BF1E-826E-D83A

(1 May 2019 to 30 Apr 2025)
Sandie Mourão
Ciência ID: D21F-02E2- BFF7





Other scholarhips holders

Ana Cláudia Coimbra Guedes
Supervisor: Jorge Bastos da Silva



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Supervisor: Rui Carvalho Homem



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Supervisor: Rui Carvalho Homem



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Supervisor: Karen Bennett



Jaqueline Pierazzo
Supervisors: Fátima Vieira e Teresa Castilho



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Supervisor: João Paulo Pereira da Silva



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Supervisor: Fátima Vieira



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Supervisor: Fátima Vieira



Mariana Batista da Cruz
Supervisor: Rogério Miguel Puga



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Supervisor: Teresa Botelho



Tânia Cerqueira
Supervisor: Jorge Bastos da Silva



Teresa Raquel Pereira
Supervisor: Gabriela Gândara Terenas