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In 2024 CETAPS and IHC (NOVA FCSH) will host a conference dedicated to

Queen Elizabeth II: Life, Times, Legacies


The reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II (1952-2022) was the longest so far in the history of the British monarchy. Partly due, without doubt, to its exceptional duration, her seventy-year reign witnessed momentous events with far-reaching consequences, such as the end of the Empire; the decline of Britain on the international political scene; the ‘troubles’ and unrest within the British Isles and the prospect of a DisUnited Kingdom; the emergence and consolidation of popular and youth cultures and the relationship between the Crown and the media, to name but a few. The period is also of particular interest for Anglo-Portuguese Studies, as it raises issues such as the political relations between the two oldest allies during the Salazar/Caetano regime, the official visits, the impact of World War II, decolonisation, and the Revolution of the 25th April 1974, amongst others. This International Conference seeks to analyse and assess Elizabeth’s life, times, and legacies across a broad range of disciplines, themes and topics. (more)

WORKING CLIL 3rd International Colloquium: Moving CLIL forward: towards sustainable educational practices

Earlybird registration for the Working CLIL Colloquium 2023 is now open.
This is your chance to connect with leading practitioners, researchers, and educators in the world of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). From pre-primary teachers to higher education professors, school directors to CLIL coordinators, researchers to scholars – everyone has a place at this vibrant event.
Join us in person at the University of Porto’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities and remember, the event languages are English and Portuguese, embracing the true spirit of multilingual education. 

You can fill out your Earlybird registration through the Colloquim Website: https://cetaps.wixsite.com/workingclil2023
Just head out to “Registration” and submit your form!
Don’t forget to also register on the link https://www.letras.up.pt/si/events
The 3rd International Working CLIL Colloquium will take place on 13th and 14th July, 2023 at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, Portugal.
Please visit the website for more information about the registration process:

CETAPS apoia o projecto CODA

“Realidades Abduzidas” é uma exposição-instalação da autoria do artista digital norte-americano Mark Amerika, que decorrerá de 17 de abril a 13 de maio de 2023, na Casa Comum, Reitoria da Universidade do Porto. Com curadoria de Ana Carvalho (UMAIA) e Diogo Marques (CODA-FLUP), a exposição apresenta várias das suas obras mais recentes criadas em colaboração com Inteligência Artificial.

Para além da sessão de inauguração prevista para a tarde de dia 17 de abril (segunda-feira, pelas 18:00), no dia 18 de abril, às 16:00, Mark Amerika apresentará uma performance lecture intitulada “Artificial Creativity”, no âmbito da qual irá descrever retroativamente o seu trabalho ao longo de três décadas.

Todos os eventos são de entrada livre, limitada à lotação da sala.

“Abducted Realities” is an exhibition and installation created by North American digital artist Mark Amerika, which will take place from April 17 to May 13, 2023, at Casa Comum, University of Porto’s Rectorate building. Curated by Ana Carvalho (UMAIA) and Diogo Marques (CODA-FLUP), the exhibition features several of Amerika’s recent works created in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence.

In addition to the opening session scheduled for the afternoon of April 17 (Monday, at 6:00 pm), on April 18 at 4:00 pm, Mark Amerika will give a performance lecture titled “Artificial Creativity,” in which he will retrospectively describe his work over the course of three decades.

All events are free and limited to the capacity of the room.

Contexts and Conditions for Successful CLIL in Portugal

Maria Ellison, Margarida Morgado, Margarida Coelho. U.Porto Press, 2022

This volume is the product of an action of the Working CLIL research strand of CETAPS – the Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies of which the Editors of this volume are members. Working CLIL aims to address core issues in CLIL/bilingual education, share experiences, materials and research, and provide support for CLIL practitioners. In doing so, it brings together schools, teachers, scholars and researchers within a community of practice in Portugal. Working CLIL seeks to promote and support innovation and policy recommendations, which lead to effective, quality practice in school education.

ISBN-13: 978-989-746-346-4

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