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CETAPS is a research centre that brings together people from 11 Portuguese institutions of higher education, promoting research and activities with high national and international reach.

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O CETAPS abre bolsa de investigação para estudante de doutoramento

– Área Científica: Estudos de Tradução


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CETAPS offers Research Grant for PhD student

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Translation Matters, from CETAPS’s strand Translationality indexed in SCOPUS

CETAPS’s strand on Translationality is delighted to inform you that its Translation Matters journal has been successfully indexed in SCOPUS, which is the leading abstract and citation database for peer-reviewed literature. This important milestone guarantees that the journal’s articles can be readily located when conducting searches related to translation and interpreting. Moreover, it empowers our authors to monitor the frequency of citations their work receives from other researchers. Huge thanks to our authors, peer-reviewers, copy-editors and advisory board for making all this possible!
Founded in 2019, Translation Matters explores all aspects of translation, ranging from the theoretical and descriptive to the practical and technical. It has worked, above all, as a platform for young researchers, a staging post in their trajectory to the wider world of international Translation Studies. Irrespective of the editorial decision, all authors are given constructive advice about how their articles can be improved. We look forward to your submission!

A strand Translationality do CETAPS tem o prazer de informar que a sua revista Translation Matters foi indexada com sucesso na SCOPUS, a base de dados de referência de resumos e citações de literatura revista por pares. Este marco importante garante que os artigos da revista podem ser facilmente localizados em pesquisas relacionadas com a tradução e a interpretação. Além disso, permite aos nossos autores monitorizar a frequência com que o seu trabalho é citado por outros investigadores. Um enorme agradecimento aos nossos autores, revisores, revisores de texto e conselho consultivo por tornarem tudo isto possível!
Fundada em 2019, a Translation Matters explora todos os aspectos da tradução, desde o teórico e descritivo ao prático e técnico. Tem funcionado, acima de tudo, como uma plataforma para jovens investigadores, um ponto de partida na sua trajetória para o mundo mais vasto dos Estudos de Tradução internacionais. Independentemente da decisão editorial, todos os autores recebem conselhos construtivos sobre como os seus artigos podem ser melhorados. Aguardamos com expectativa a sua submissão!







Investigador do CETAPS – Guilherme da Silva Braga – recebe prémio internacional de tradução.

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In 2024 CETAPS and IHC (NOVA FCSH) will host a conference dedicated to

Queen Elizabeth II: Life, Times, Legacies


The reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II (1952-2022) was the longest so far in the history of the British monarchy. Partly due, without doubt, to its exceptional duration, her seventy-year reign witnessed momentous events with far-reaching consequences, such as the end of the Empire; the decline of Britain on the international political scene; the ‘troubles’ and unrest within the British Isles and the prospect of a DisUnited Kingdom; the emergence and consolidation of popular and youth cultures and the relationship between the Crown and the media, to name but a few. The period is also of particular interest for Anglo-Portuguese Studies, as it raises issues such as the political relations between the two oldest allies during the Salazar/Caetano regime, the official visits, the impact of World War II, decolonisation, and the Revolution of the 25th April 1974, amongst others. This International Conference seeks to analyse and assess Elizabeth’s life, times, and legacies across a broad range of disciplines, themes and topics. (more)

Contexts and Conditions for Successful CLIL in Portugal

Maria Ellison, Margarida Morgado, Margarida Coelho. U.Porto Press, 2022

This volume is the product of an action of the Working CLIL research strand of CETAPS – the Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies of which the Editors of this volume are members. Working CLIL aims to address core issues in CLIL/bilingual education, share experiences, materials and research, and provide support for CLIL practitioners. In doing so, it brings together schools, teachers, scholars and researchers within a community of practice in Portugal. Working CLIL seeks to promote and support innovation and policy recommendations, which lead to effective, quality practice in school education.

ISBN-13: 978-989-746-346-4

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