This research strand aims to advance the understanding of cultural realities in the United States from a broad thematic and interdisciplinary perspective, examining how questions of place, identity and transnational interdependencies intersect in the mapping of the ever-changing and multilayered American imaginary.

It aims to foster synergies in research and teaching related to the multifaceted American cultural iterations in a transnational context, and to develop outreach activities that will involve wider audiences.

Composition (core members)


  • Teresa Botelho (NOVA FCSH / CETAPS)
  • Maria Teresa Castilho (FLUP / CETAPS)
  • Isabel Oliveira (NOVA FCSH / CETAPS)
  • Gonçalo Piolti Cholant (FLUC / CETAPS)
  • Rogério Miguel Puga (NOVA FCSH / CETAPS)
  • Marinela Freitas (FLUP / CETAPS)
  • Teresa Pereira (NOVA FCSH / CETAPS)

Graduate /PhD. Students / Colaborators

  • Alice Carletto (NOVA FCSH/CETAPS)
  • Catarina Moura Reis Almeida (NOVA FCSH / CETAPS)
  • Jaqueline Pierazzo (FLUP-UP/CETAPS)
  • Natália Telega Soares (NOVA FCSH/CETAPS)
  • Susana Costa (NOVA FCSH)
  • Sheila Brannigan (NOVA FCSH/CETAPS)
  • Rui Mateus (NOVA FCSH/CETAPS)

M.Phil. students will also be involved in the activities of the Strand through the JRAAS platform.

Facebook Page of the Strand:

Programmed activities 2017/2020 / Plano de atividades:

1- Conferences and Symposia /Conferências e Simpósios

  • International Conference: Dikes of Courage: Martin Luther King, the Civil Rights Movement and the Aesthetics of Protest.  2018 November/ Novembro
  • Symposium Stonewall 50 (LGBQT rights and identity in literature and the arts) 2019 June/Junho
  • Symposium American Elections and Politics in Literature, Cinema, Television and Journalism  2020   June/ Junho  / in collaboration with Political Science and Journalism Studies)
  • Conference  America and War: Literary, Artistic and Cultural Representations 2021 Dezembro / December

2- Open science/ Open access:

  • Permanent Seminar/ Seminário Permanente: American Intersections: Space, Identity and the Transnational

5 sessions per semester, open to all


  • American Spaces: Literature and Visual Culture
  • Civil Rights in Literature and Visual Culture


  • Gender and LGBQT literature and cinema
  • American Poetry Revisited


  • Literature and Politics
  • Transnational Maps of America


  • American Speculative Fiction
  • The Literature of War


3-Publications in open access:

  • A number of publications will result from the planned congresses and symposia


4- Other publications

  • Members of the strand will continue to publish in a number of planned national and international journals and edited volumes.


5-  Young Researchers and international networking

The strand will work with the CETAPS young researcher’s platform JRAAS to encourage M.Phil. and undergraduate students to engage with the various potentialities of American Studies. JRAAS students are already involved in the organization of film sessions followed by debates, and a Reading Club, and will continue to incorporate American filmic and literary corpora in their activities.

From the fall of 2018 on, the Permanent Seminar themes proposed will be coordinated with a series of themed “film festivals”, organized by the young researchers of JRAAS.

Students will continue to present their research in panels at the national conferences of the Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies and to incorporate their research in the JRAAs meetings.

Young researchers already engaged with research projects in American Studies will also be involved in international networking activities.

The first one already planned will take place in April 2017, when the strand will host the visit of a group of undergraduate and graduate students from the American Studies Study Association of Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, who will participate in an open session about studying American in the Netherlands and Portugal together with their Portuguese colleagues. This meeting will take place at FCSH /Nova, on the 30th of April.

Young researchers will be encouraged to present their work at the annual Graduate Symposia of ESSE.


6- International Networks

Members of the strand are members of international networks of American Studies, namely of EAAS (European Association for American Studies), IASA (International American Studies Association), besides other more field-specific international associations

The strand aims to establish contacts with European Research Centers for American Studies, such as the Obama Institute for Transnational American Studies, at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the Clinton Institute for American Studies at University College Dublin, to develop cooperative research ties.


7- Attendance of National and International Conferences

Members of the strand will continue to attend a number of national and international conferences during this period. At the international level and already confirmed for 2017 are, for example, participation in the 32nd European Association for American Studies (April, London),  and the 5th International Conference on American Drama and Theater  “Migrations in American Drama and Theater” ( June, Nancy, France).



American Spaces: Literature and Visual Culture









  • 22 February: American Identities in Early Photography: Capturing Cultural Spaces of Hybridity through the Lens, Susana Costa (Room 1.05 ID building 1st floor)
  •  22 March: Past vs Present: Visual and Literary Aspects of the American West, Isabel Oliveira Martins (Room 0.07 ID building ground floor )
  • 12 April: Questioning the everyday: photographers depicting urban space in America, 1970- present, Sheila Brannigan (Room 0.07 ID building ground floor )
  • 24  May:  Writing with Multiple Maps:  Cultural Borders and  Fictional  Deterritorialization in Recent Post 9/11  Novels, Teresa Botelho (Room 0.07 ID building ground floor )
  • 14 June: Cartographies of Feminine Subjectivities:  Remapping America in Jill Ker Conway’s  The Road from Cooreain  and Anne Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississippi, Natalia Telega-Soares (Room 1.05 Edifício ID building 1st floor)

This seminar is free and opened to the community.

All sessions begin at 18:00


American Literary Intertextualities

28 Março: “Be silent in that solitude”: Women and the Subversion of Silence in Surah Al
Mujadilah and Poe’s Ligeia,
Mohammad Hamdan, Sala 202 Edifício B

9 Maio: Is War Beautiful? Contemporary American Literature and War,
Isabel Oliveira Martins, Sala 1.05, Edifício I&D, Piso 1

30 Maio: The Trouble with Poetry: Billy Collins, Other Poets and Many Troubles,
Ricardo Marques, Sala 1.05, Edifício I&D, Piso 1

4 Junho: Catastrophe and Hope: Climate Change in American Contemporary Novels,
Teresa Botelho, Sala 1.05, Edifício I&D, Piso 1

Este seminário, cuja entrada é livre, é aberto a toda a comunidade.
Todas as sessões começam às 18h, na FCSH / Edifício I&D, Avenida de Berna 26C

O impeachment de Trump e o início de Biden” –Teresa Botelho na TSF.


Teresa Botelho discute as convenções partidárias e as próximas eleições americanas.






(Re)thinking Earth : From Representations of Nature to Climate Change Fiction
Conference Programme


Dikes of Courage: Martin Luther King, The Civil Rights Movement and the Aesthetics of Protest
Conference Programme