To become an integrated member of CETAPS, a researcher must hold a PhD degree in English Studies or other foreign languages. As English is the main language of research at CETAPS, proficiency in English is mandatory.

CETAPS follows FCT’s rules for admission as an integrated researcher, such as:

  • A researcher must fulfill at least three criteria to be considered an integrated member of a R&D unit:
  • To be researcher with a PhD degree or a teaching position and, in either case, hold a contract or link to a Portuguese University;
  • To dedicate a minimum of 30% to research activities. Time dedicated to R&D activities is calculated as the difference between full time (100%) and the time dedicated to teaching and other professional non-R&D activities;
  • To have produced at least two scientific output indicators (which may include the PhD thesis), if the PhD was awarded after 31/12/2009, and four scientific output indicators in the last five years, if the PhD was awarded before 31/12/2009. Alternative indicators to those in FCT reference indexes are allowed, as long as dully justified in the application and with impact on the evaluation.

In all cases a single indicator will be accepted, as long as it relates to a publication in a top 10% international peer-review journal in the area of research.

  • The integration of foreign members is allowed as long as both the following integrated member criteria are fulfilled: he/she is a researcher with a PhD degree and has a professional contract or link to a Portuguese University.
  • It is not allowed, under any circumstances, for researchers with full-time contracts with foreign institutions to be proposed as integrated members.
  • A researcher cannot be an integrated member in more than one R&D unit. Only Post-doctoral fellows are allowed to be members of two R&D units simultaneously, as long as their total dedication time to the workplan does not exceed 100%.
    However, researchers can be integrated members of an R&D unit and also collaborate with other units.

 (From: https://www.fct.pt/apoios/unidades/faq.phtml.en)