This research group is defined by a commitment to forms of textual transit, cultural transfer, and intermediality. Temporally, it focuses on modern and contemporary literatures and cultures, with occasional extensions to other periods.

Its goals largely coincide with the following areas of academic inquiry:

1.  the cultures of Ireland and Britain, relations and representations: the priority given to Ireland in the group’s name is a foundational trait in which Relational Forms takes pride. Indeed, our focus on Irish texts and cultural forms makes us the only structured research venture in Portugal with a sustained and continuous Irish dimension since 2004. However, our inquiry extends to the textual dynamics that mark other cultures in the British Isles, considered from a doubly exogenous perspective – our Portuguese vantage point, and the critical perspective gained through the Irish bias;

2.  texts in transit 1, translations, appropriations, rewritings: the group understands translation as referring to more processes than interlingual transit. It also explores homologies between the culturally exogenous approach described under 1 above, and the relations between literature and other practices, verbal and non-verbal media;

3.  texts in transit 2, intermedial transfer; literature and the visual arts;

4.  texts in transit 3, time, space, experience: literature encounters biography, historiography, geography.

Relational Forms IV. Literature and the Arts since the 1960s: Protest, Identity and the Imagination

Atlantic communities: Translation, mobility, hospitality

2nd International Conference Atlantic Communities: Translation | Conflict | Belief | Ideology

English Literature and the Disciplines of Knowledge, Early Modern to Eighteenth Century – A Trade for Light

Exchanges Between Literature and Science from the 1800s to the 2000s: Converging Realms


Cultures of Commemoration 2016 lecture

Collaboration with the Irish Embassy and ULICES, the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies, in the programme for St. Patrick’s Festival Lisboa 2016.
This took the form of a lecture by Rui Carvalho Homem on ‘Cultures of Commemoration: the Case of Ireland’ –

Autumn 2016: an international conference on literature, rhetoric and legitimation – apropos the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme.

Relational Forms III Imagining Europe: Wars, Territories, Identities Representations in Literature and the Arts