ARUS Network

The ARUS network brings together, from a variety of countries, scholars doing Utopian Studies. The network is organized per country and aims at facilitating the identification of the topics on which its members have been working, having in view the joint submission of international research projects. If you are a (junior or senior) researcher in the field of Utopian Studies, join in by filling the ARUS form. The menu on the left will enable you to search for ARUS members, access information on ARUS Seminars and on the ARUS postdoctoral programme.

Lyman Tower Sargent Bibliography

With over 19,000 entries compiled by Lyman Tower Sargent, the database hosted by the ARUS Digital Repository of the University of Porto. already is the major resource of critical bibliography on utopia, but we expect it to grow with your contribution. Our aim is to have a complete list of critical sources in any language, add digital objects such as abstracts and full texts, and make the database fully searchable by subject.

If you are the author of any of the titles listed on the database, please send the abstract of your work along with up to five keywords to

If you have new titles to add, please fill in one of the forms below. We would also be grateful if you could provide us with the pertinent abstracts.

We need help with the creation of keywords and abstracts for the existing entries. Volunteerscontributing with a significant number of references will be fully credited as contributing editors. Please fill in this form if you want to volunteer to help.

Forms for new entries

Please choose the relevant form depending on whether the new entry refers to a book, a book chapter, an edited collection of essays, an article in a journal, an article in a newspaper, a report, awebsite or an MA or Ph.D. unpublished thesis or any other unpublished source.

Full texts and other digital objects

The ARUS Digital Repository of the University of Porto is intended to host “objects”, namely abstracts, full texts and book reviews. On the one hand, the abstracts (along with the keywords) will enhance the results of the “search by subject”; on the other hand, full texts and book reviews will level up the use of the database, making it even more useful for the academic community. Please contact us at in case you want to contribute with any digital object provided it does not raise any copyright issues.