Zita Vieira Mendes

Zita Viera Mendes is currently a doctoral candidate in Didactics of the English Language at Nova
University in Lisbon, Portugal. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Ms. Mendes conducted her graduate studies in the
United States, at Bridgewater State University in the state of Massachusetts, where she completed two masters
degree programs, one in TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and the other in English
Language Teaching.
In 2008, before studying in the US, Zita Viera Mendes concluded her bachelor’s degree at the University of
Cabo Verde – UNICV.
Ms. Mendes’s professional career is centered on her work as a university professor at her Alma
Mater, UNICV, where she has taught for the past 8 years, and at the private language education institution
English Language Learners Cabo Verde – ELL CV, which she founded in 2015. In her work at UNICV, Ms.
Mendes is the coordinator of the department of English Studies as well as a full-time tenured professor of the
English Language. At ELL CV, Zita Mendes focuses on developing novel project-based learning English
Language curriculum for instruction to students of all ages – from pre-kindergarten children to business
executives pursuing professional development and lifelong learning. Her other responsibilities at ELL CV
include handling student admissions and administration and teacher coordination, in addition to teaching
classes herself.