Sofia Araújo

Affiliation – University of Porto

Seniority – Intermediate

PhD since 2013 – Anglo-American Studies (Literature), by the University of Porto, on an FCT Merit Grant. Supervisors: Maria de Fátima Marinho e Fátima Vieira.

Lecturer at Escola Superior de Educação – Instituto Politécnico do Porto: English Literature, Introduction to Literary Studies, and Professional English, since 2015

Creator and lecturer of course on Portuguese Literature and Ethics for the PEUS programme of the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto, since 2014

Teacher of Advanced levels of Academic English in courses provided to staff by the University of Porto, since 2013

Research Collaborator – CETAPS, CITCEM, IF-FLUP, and ILC-ML

Board Member of the Círculo Literário Agustina Bessa-Luís.

Former Teaching Fellow of Universal Literature at Universidade Católica – Porto, under the supervision of Professor Arnaldo Saraiva.

Vice-President and Casting Director at in skené. Also working as director, stage director, actress, and translator for the company.

Research interests: Ethics and Literature, Pleasure and Utopia, Individual and Utopia, Language and Power



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