Sheila Brannigan

A PhD researcher in the Department of Modern Literatures and Cultures at the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Lisbon, American Intersections thread, Sheila Brannigan is carrying out research on inside-outside positionings in photographs depicting American urban communities. This incorporates photographic series made from 1940s- present by the artists Janet Delaney, Christina Fernandez, Dana Lixenberg and Gordon Parks. She has two Master’s, in Applied Linguistics (Birmingham University, UK, 2014) and History of Art (The Open University, UK, 2009), and a BA Hons in Fine Art from Middlesex University, UK (1994). She is a member of APEAA, EAAS and ESSE. Sheila has been a lecturer in the Department of Modern Literatures and Cultures at NOVA since 2016, teaching English language, and is also a keen photographer of urban landscapes.

Recent/ upcoming activities:

ESSE Doctoral Symposium, 15th ESSE Conference, 2020. Lyon, France.    

Outside the Inside: Photographs of Urban Communities in L.A. and San Francisco, 1978-2015, 13th Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, 2020, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon.

Visibility, Resistance and the Imaginary in Cheryl Dunye and Zoe Leonard’s The Fae Richards Photo Archive, STONEWALL 50 Symposium, 8 November, 2019. Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Nova University of Lisbon.

Power and knowledge in Gordon Parks’ Homeless Couple, Harlem, 1948. Americanist Research Symposium: Visualising the Americas, 3 June 2019. University of Kent, Canterbury.

Casting a Critical Eye over the Workings of Power Relations: Gordon Parks’ Harlem Photographs, 1943-1948. 40th APEAA Meeting 6-8 June, 2019. University of Porto.

Representation, Identity and Power in Civil Rights Photography.  ‘Dikes of Courage International Conference’, 23/24 November 2018, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Nova University of Lisbon.