Rúben Constantino Correia

Rúben Constantino Correia is a Portuguese and English Lower Secondary teacher, whose main Research Interests are: Teacher Education; Oral Proficiency and Speaking Skills; Assessment; The Common European Framework of Reference; and Affective Variables. Accordingly, he develops his research mainly on speaking, particularly the subset of intelligibility, within the Portuguese EFL context and abroad. He is a CETAPS member and TEALS team researcher. He is also a member of EALTA. He holds a teaching degree from the Algarve University and a Master’s in English and North American Studies from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Nova University of Lisbon (2008). He has recently finished his PhD in Foreign Language Methodology at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Nova University of Lisbon with the thesis "Can We Speak? – Approaching Oral Proficiency in the EFL Classroom”, under the supervision of Professor Carlos Ceia.

Ciência ID/Vitae: B515-4C6F-C0D1




Recent publications include:

Correia, Rúben (2015), “Classroom Anxiety and Young Language Learners: Broadening the Scope of the Research Agenda”, Humanising Language Teaching 17.4, <http://www.hltmag.co.uk>.

Correia, Rúben Constantino (2016), “Assessing Speaking Proficiency: A Challenge for the Portuguese EFL Teacher”, e-TEALS: An e-journal of Teacher Education and Applied Language Studies 7, pp. 87-107, <http://ler.letras.up.pt/site/default.aspx?qry=id05id1306id2760&sum=sim>.

Correia, Rúben (2017), “Fostering Intercultural Awareness with the New ’Metas’ ”, APPI Journal, Spring Issue, pp. 21-24.