(Re)thinking Earth Writing Competition

28 Oct 2020

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Relational Forms

Mapping Utopianisms

Shakespeare and the English canon

(Re)thinking Earth Writing Competition


Lisandra Sousa – sobre o dia da língua portuguesa

Historical Fiction, Fictional History and Historical Reality

Historical Fiction, Fictional History and Historical Reality

Karen Bennett: “Introduction: General Characteristics of English Academic Discourse” (EAD) [2014] – part 1 1

Karen Bennett: “Difficulties EAD raises for Portuguese speakers working in the sciences” [2014] – part 1 2

Karen Bennett: “Difficulties for Portuguese speakers working in the humanities and social sciences” [2014] – part 1 3

Karen Bennett: “(Conclusion) The consequences of English as lingua franca of academia” [2014] – part 1 4

Plataforma JRAAS Junior Researchers in Anglo American Studies Projetos de Inovação Pedagógica U Por

Can We Speak? – Approaching Oral Proficiency in the EFL classroom

Rogério Puga – Assistant Professor, Nova University of Lisbon

War Abroad and War Within: a British Military Officer’s View of Portugal’s Revolution of 1917

The Correspondence of a Family of British Traders in Beresford’s Lisbon 1812-1818

PETALL – Pan European Task-Based Activities for Languages Learning

Teresa Botelho comenta a eleição de Donald Trump na SIC Notícias

How are we teaching citizenship?

Seminário JRAAS – Capítulo II – Miguel Ramalhete Gomes

Seminário JRAAS – Capítulo I – Jonathan Lewis

Entrevista na RTP3 sobre o 37.º Congresso da APEAA – Teresa Botelho

Online webinars for the TEALS – Sandie Mourão

Integrating English into pre-primary education – Sandie Mourão

Entrevista sobre Lewis Carroll – Rogério Puga

Línguas: Traduzir o Futuro – Susana Valdez

Museu do Oriente – Rogério Puga

Palestra pela Gulbenkian Paris – Rogério Puga

Macau – Rogério Puga

Language Rich Europe – Carlos Ceia