Patricia Lobo

Patricia A. Lobo holds a PhD in Literature and Culture (American Studies), an MA in English Studies and an MA in Foreign Language Education (English and Spanish).  At CETAPS, she integrates the Teacher Education and Applied Language Studies research group. She has been publishing and presenting papers at several international conferences in the areas of Border Studies (EUA-Mexico), Chicano Studies (linguistic and cultural hybridity; gender and ethnicity in literature, culture and visual arts); and Foreign Language Education (language, culture and society in FLE; interculturalism, plurilinguism and translinguism in FLE). She has been teaching at several Polytechnic Institutes and is currently the webmaster of the European Association for American Studies (EAAS).


Recent publications:

(2016, December). “Foreign Language Education in the 21st European context: exploring new directions in intercultural and plurilingual approaches using Anzaldúa´s Border Epistemology”. E-Teals: an e-journal of Teacher Education and Applied Language Studies. Universidade do Porto. (ISSN1647-712X)

(2016, December). “O Feminicídio de Juárez: Alterações económicas, narrativas sociais e discursos coloniais na fronteira dos EUA e México”. Revista ex æquo nº 34. Associação Portuguesa de Estudos sobre as Mulheres. (ISSN 0874-5560)

(2016, April). “Periferias hispánicas de los EEUU: la literatura chicana femenina como manifestación de los márgenes culturales estadunidenses”. Cuadernos de ALEPH N.8. Universidad de Barcelona. (ISSN 2174-8713)

(2015, July). “Todas las voces que me hablan simultáneamente: Anzaldúa´s voice from the Borderlands”. Special Edition of Complutense Journal of English Studies.  Universidad Complutense de Madrid. (ISSN 2386-3935, ISSN-e 2386-6624)