Maria de Jesus Relvas

MARIA de JESUS C. RELVAS is Professor of English Studies (with Tenure) at the Department of Humanities of Universidade Aberta (Distance Education University of Portugal), where she teaches English Literature of the Renaissance, English Society and Culture, Masterworks of Western Literature, Themes of Classic Culture and Portuguese Classic Literature.

She is a Researcher at CEAUL/ULICES (University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies), at LE@D (Laboratory of Distance Education and eLearning, Universidade Aberta, Portugal), as Collaborator at UID-FCT nº 4372, and at CETAPS (Centre for English, Translation, and Anglo-Portuguese Studies), also as a Collaborator.

She is Associate Member of SEDERI (Spanish and Portuguese Society for English Renaissance Studies) since 1992.

Her areas of academic research and interest are Medieval and Renaissance studies, Renaissance imagery and iconography, Victorianism, Distance Education and Digital Humanities.

She has participated in several research projects in Portugal and abroad, within the fields of Literature, Culture and Distance Education.

The following works can be counted among her recent publications: “Lear and Quijote, two wanderers on uneven paths; “ ‘On such a full sea are we now afloat’: Travelling through Oceans, Writings and Images in Early Modern Times”; “Beholding a ‘Brave New World’. Sir Walter Raleigh’s The Discovery of Guiana and William Shakespeare’s The Tempest”; “Beyond Time and Oblivion: Sir Robert Sidney’s autograph manuscript”; “Icons of Supremacy and the Birth of an Empire – Two Portraits of Elizabeth I”; “A Villain and a Monster – The Literary Portrait of Richard III by Thomas More and William Shakespeare”; “Evaluating Continuous Assessment Quality in Competence-Based Education Online: The case of the e-Folio” (co-author; EDEN 2009 Best Research Paper Award).

Ciência ID: 9A1C-7988-0873