Marco Neves

A professional translator from English and Spanish since 2002, he has founded a translation company with former FCSH/NOVA colleagues. He is currently finishing a PhD thesis on complexity in translation. His research interests include translation, Iberian languages and literatures, Portuguese linguistics and English culture. He has been a speaker in many international conferences and a distinguished speaker, by invitation, at the American Translators Association Conference 2018, in New Orleans.

He is an Invited Professor at FCSH/NOVA, teaching translation practice and CAT tools. Together with David Hardisty, he is responsible for the “TRAD@FCSH” programme.

While writing his PhD thesis, he has been involved in many outreach activities, including books on language, TV and radio interviews, encounters with students about language and translation, etc.  He has also written a novel (A Baleia que Engoliu Um Espanhol), which was based on knowledge acquired as a student in the area of Anglo-Portuguese Studies and has been recognized as an important tool to preserve historical and archeological knowledge.

He is also a weekly columnist for SAPO 24, an important news portal in Portugal, and maintains a blog (Certas Palavras) where he writes extensively about language, culture and translation. He has also been involved in a series of FCSH Summer School courses for translators and project managers.

Recent publications:

Neves, Marco. Gramática para Todos. Lisboa: Guerra e Paz (2019).

Neves, Marco. José Cardoso Pires e o Leitor Desassossegado. Lisboa: Guerra e Paz (2018).

Neves, Marco. Dicionário de Erros Falsos e Mitos do Português. Lisboa: Guerra e Paz (2018).