Marco Neves

Marco Neves is an Assistant Professor at NOVA FCSH and a researcher at CETAPS. Between 2018 and 2023, he published 13 books, 6 book chapters, 11 academic articles, and maintained a weekly column on the Sapo 24 portal, with the aim of disseminating linguistic knowledge. He also participated in dozens of conferences, many by invitation, in Brazil, Cape Verde, Germany, Portugal, Tunisia, United Kingdom and the United States. He was a distinguished speaker at the American Translators Association Conference in 2018.

His research interests lie in the fields of Translation Studies and Languages, focusing on complexity in translation, translation technologies, epistemological translation, linguistic communication, and the relationships between Iberian languages. He is on the editorial board of the Translation Matters journal, which is indexed in Scopus.

He teaches translation and translation technology in undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral courses. He developed the innovative course Professional Practices in Translation, based on his doctoral thesis, aimed at undergraduate students of translation. He has supervised dozens of works, guiding students to apply original theoretical perspectives to translation practice in internships and project work within the Master’s in Translation program at NOVA FCSH.

He is one of the coordinators of the EPISTRAN project ( and has carried out activities within the scope of CETAPS programmatic project from 2018 to 2024. He is developing the CAT@NOVA project to enhance the technological skills of translation students, regularly organizes NOVA Translation Talks, and is also the organizer of biannual conferences on languages and cultures, which have brought to Lisbon personalities such as Lane Greene, a journalist from The Economist, and Gaston Dorren, a Dutch writer in the field of languages.

Since 2016, he has been committed to various projects for disseminating linguistic knowledge to society, including publishing books and articles (mainly in Sapo 24 and the Certas Palavras page), podcasts (including Palavrões da Ciência, with Cristina Soares, on communication in the fields of sciences and humanities, and Assim ou Assado, with Sam The Kid, on linguistic culture in Portugal), interviews on radio and television, and partnerships with various entities. One of his books (História do Português desde o Big Bang) is recommended by the National Reading Plan for Secondary Education.