Luís Nunes

Luís Manuel André Nunes is an English and German teacher with 28 years of experience in secondary schools of Portugal, the last 22 in Escola Secundária do Fundão. He has been a teacher trainer, the head of his department, mentor and coordinator of the Conflict Management Office, among other relevant duties. He has coordinated several Comenius and Erasmus programmes. He has been the director of Instituto de Línguas do Fundão, Bristol School in Fundão and Covilhã since 2001. In 2012 he obtained a PhD degree in English Didactics from the University of Beira Interior. He has a special interest in the use of emotional intelligence in the teaching of foreign languages and also in psycholinguistics, themes he has talked about publicly both nationally and internationally.


Recent publications and presentations include:

Nunes, L. “Classroom Enrichment: Teaching and Reaching Every Student.” Ubiletras (2009). Covilhã.

Nunes, L. “Managing Conflicts in a Healthy Way at the Secondary School of Fundão.”  Paper presented atCNES – Congresso Nacional de Educação para a Saúde at University of Beira Interior, 2010.

Nunes, L. Contribution of an activity in the book Crazy animals and other activities for teaching young learners. Fiona Copland and Sue Garton, eds. With Monika Davis, British Council.

Nunes, L. “The Teaching of English in the Primary in Portugal.” Awaiting publication.