Katarzyna Pisarska

Katarzyna Pisarska is Assistant Professor of English Literature at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland. She is the author of Mediating the World in the Novels of Iain Banks: The Paradigms of Fiction (2013) and co-editor of The Lives of Texts: Exploring the Metaphor (2012). She has published articles and book chapters on British and American literature and utopian cinema and fiction. Her main research interests include the contemporary Scottish novel, utopian studies and myth in literature and culture.



Recent publications include:

Pisarska, Katarzyna (2013), Mediating the World in the Novels of Iain Banks: The Paradigms of Fiction, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Pisarska, Katarzyna (2016), “A Humanist Writes a Utopia: Science and Education in John Macmillan Brown’s Limanora: The Island of Progress (1903)”, Academia in Fact and Fiction, ed. Ludmiła Gruszewska-Blaim and Merritt Moseley, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 205-217.

Pisarska, Katarzyna (2016), “More’s Utopia in Poland: Translations and Impact – An Overview”, Utopian Studies, vol. 27, no. 2, 346-362.

Pisarska, Katarzyna (2016), “Scots in the Pacific: The Imaginary Islands of John Macmillan Brown”, Scottish Culture: Dialogue and Self-Expression, ed. Aniela Korzeniowska and Izabela Szymańska. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Semper, 60-71.

Pisarska, Katarzyna (2015), “The Return of the Abject: Gothic Terror(ism) and Post-Devolution Britain in Skyfall”, Gothic Studies, vol. 17, no. 2, 88-105.

Pisarska, Katarzyna (2015), “Liminal Spatialities: Visions of Scotland in Matthew Fitt’s But n Ben A-Go-Go”, Boundless Scotland: Space in Contemporary Scottish Fiction, ed. Monika Szuba, Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, 189-212.

Pisarska, Katarzyna (2015), “The Dystopian Grotesque in Enki Bilal’s The Carnival of Immortals”, Visions and Revisions: Studies in Literature and Culture, ed. Marta Komsta, Grzegorz Czemiel, Justyna Galant, Anna Kędra-Kardela, Aleksandra Kędzierska, Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 307-315.

Pisarska, Katarzyna (2015), “Breaking Out and Speaking: Old Myths and Narrative Tensions in Ursula Le Guin’s Lavinia”, Characters in Literary Fictions, ed. Jadwiga Węgrodzka, Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 221-245.
Pisarska, Katarzyna (2015), “Science, Power and Utopia in the Appleseed Universe”, (Im)perfection Subverted, Reloaded and Networked: Utopian Discourse Across Media, ed. Barbara Klonowska, Zofia Kolbuszewska and Grzegorz Maziarczyk, Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 95-123.

Pisarska, Katarzyna, “‛The Speaking Picture’: Frank Capra’s Adaptation of James Hilton’s Lost Horizon”, Mediated Utopias: From Literature to Cinema, ed. Artur Blaim and Ludmiła Gruszewska-Blaim, Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 41-70.