Seminars – Capítulo III

Aiming to promote the discussion of anglo-american literary and cultural themes, the JRAAS Seminars will inivite several speakers to present a paper followed by a debate adressed to the academic community. The third JRAAS Seminar happened on December 13 at 15h30 in Sala de Reuniões (second floor). It included a paper presented by Sofia de Melo Araújo, followed by a debate and discussion with the public.

This is the result of the third JRAAS Seminar with Sofia de Melo Araújo! In case you couldn’t attend the event, or if you wish to see some of the highlights from this presentation about Thomas More and Basic Universal Income, Huxley, Orwell, and Pleasure, Zamyatian’s We and Evolution, and the Ethical Turn you can do it by watching this video on our youtube channel: