Hugo Gomes

Affiliation – Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (University of Groningen)

Seniority – Junior

Hailing from the mountainous northern regions of Portugal, Hugo Ferraz Gomes is a PhD candidate at the University of Groningen. An alumnus of the University of Porto and Nova University of Lisbon, Hugo Ferraz Gomes has been concerned, from the very incipience of his (yet nascent) academic career, with the difficulties of literary genre and the theoretical issues inherent to a/the definition of the novel form. His early research, which led up to his masters dissertation and an article published in the journal Op.Cit., centred on the problematic concept of ‘the novel’ in relation to its structural presentation and the author/reader sovereignty question. Other theoretical matters to which he devotes his time include the conceptualization of textual patterns, the search for a definition of utopia/dystopia, and the examination of a poetics of warfare. In addition to his scholarly work, Hugo Ferraz Gomes has also published several pieces of fiction in college newspapers and renowned literary magazines, under the pseudonym Finnegan Blake, such as The College Tribune (UCD) and Icarus Magazine(TCD), to name a few. He has also published a poetry collection, titled Apóstrofe, Apostrophe, as part of the worldwide project “Poetry Will Be Made By All”, endorsed by the LUMA Foundation. He is currently at the University of Groningen investigating the epic genre and the writing of warfare in the early modern period, within the project “No More Heroes: Violence and Resistance in New World Poetry”. Regarding his authorial inclination, he confessed to be somewhat freudened of one day tackling James Joyce in the Irishman’s own, novelistic, territory.


Scholarly Publications:

Ferraz Gomes, Hugo. “Building and Disintegrating Stories: A Narratological Study of Structural Disintegration.” Op.Cit.: A Journal of Anglo-American Studies 2.3 (2014).—2nd-series-no-3


Conference Presentations:

Ferraz Gomes, Hugo. “This Quintessence of Dust: Cosmic Irrelevance in Jorge Luis Borges’ “A Weary Man’s Utopia.”” Paper presented at the Messengers From the Stars – Episode III conference, University of Lisbon (2014).

Ferraz Gomes, Hugo. “Of Dead Heroes and Mutable Faces: A Study of A Song of Ice and Fire’s Rhaegar Targaryen.” Paper presented at the Worlds Made of Heroes conference, University of Porto (2014).

Ferraz Gomes, Hugo. “The Many Metamorphoses of Youth in Chris Ware’s Building Stories.” Paper presented at the Youth and/in Literature & Society conference, Nova University of Lisbon (2014).


Literary Publications:

Blake, Finnegan. Apóstrofe, Apostrophe. Zurich: LUMA Foundation, 2014.

Blake, Finnegan. “Amaurotum: A Sonata in Three Movements.” Icarus Magazine LVI.1 (2014): 27-34.

Blake, Finnegan. “Twentieth-Century Girl and Eighteenth-Century Woman.” Inklings – The English and Literary Society’s Magazine (2013): 28.