Places of the “Other” in British Culture

Places of the “Other” in British Culture
Convenors: Jorge Bastos da Silva & Katarzyna Pisarska

Session 1, 14 May 2021, 17.00h (GMT): Catholicism

Opening Remarks by Professor Carlos Ceia, Coordinator of CETAPS

Maria Zulmira Castanheira, “Encounters with the Portuguese ‘Other’ in Eighteenth-
century English Travel Writing: Anti-Catholic Views and Stereotypes”

Cláudia Coimbra, “‘Burning anew among the old stones’: Memory, Identity and
Religion in Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited

Jorge Bastos da Silva, “Dryden Misread? Catholicism, Jacobitism, and the Vicissitudes
of Cleomenes

Zoom session
Topic: Places of the “Other” in British Culture
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Password: 148661

May 14 @ 17:00
17:00 (3h 10′)


Jorge Bastos da Silva, Katarzina Pisarska