“A Host of Tongues…”: Multilingualism, lingua franca and translation in the early modern period


The Centre for the Humanities (CHAM), the Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies (CETAPS) of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Nova University, Lisbon (FCSH-Nova) and the Centre for Studies in Letters (CEL) based at the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD), Vila Real, are pleased to announce our forthcoming international conference on multilingualism, lingua francas and translation in the Early Modern period.

This will be a truly interdisciplinary event, involving scholars from a wide range of different areas, including Cultural History, Translation Studies, Historical Linguistics, Literary Studies, and Anthropology. The call is now open for proposals for 2-hour thematic panels (3-4 speakers) and for 20-minute individual papers.  Go to Call for Papers

Email:  host.of.tongues@fcsh.unl.pt
Registrations and Payments: https://ahostoftongues.org/registration-and-payment/

Where to stay:
Alif Hotel – Campo Pequeno
VIP Executive Zurique Hotel
VIP Inn Berna Hotel
Sana Executive Hotel
Sana Reno Hotel

Upon arrival:
At the airport you can catch the Aero Bus (between 7 am and 11 pm): you should stop at CAMPO PEQUENO.

UNDERGROUND (Metro) from the airport (only 1 change at Saldanha): CAMPO PEQUENO is the closest Metro (Underground).  One Metro Ticket costs 1.50 euro, you may consider buying a one day ticket if you arrive early and want to travel more on that day.

The TAXI fare from the airport to Campo Pequeno should not cost more than 15 euros. Sometimes, it is quicker to go to departures (right next to arrivals) to get a taxi. If you want to avoid (possible) long queues: just turn right as you come out into the main arrivals hall, keep going, go up the escalator, turn slightly left and go outside, you are outside departures, and there is no queue to get a taxi.

Once in the city, if you are using the public bus to travel around Lisbon, buy a pass (Zapping) and top it up at any underground (METRO) station, as tickets purchased inside the bus are more expensive.

December 13 @ 09:30 — December 15 @ 18:00
09:30 (56h 30′)

– Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (FCSH) –