Mapping the Harry Potter Series

The objective with this PhD project is to analyse the spaces, characters and food of the Harry Potterseries and the relations between them. Using the theoretical perspective proposed by Franco Moretti in Maps, Graphs and Trees, a cartography of J. K. Rowling’s saga will be created. This study of physical, mental and magical spaces from the world invented by Rowling, which still has not been made through means of the Digital Humanities, will be of great importance to understand the context of the books themselves and to increase its interest in an academic context.

According to Moretti, to perform a cartographic analysis by use of technological tools will provide us with new ways of reading the books. This will lead to the emergence of connections that could not have been found in any other way. (2005, 53-54)

With this project it is intended to: 1) verify the validity of Moretti’s perspective, making evident the importance of technology in literary analysis, thus contributing to an expansion of the Digital Humanities; 2) to generate and organize data that may be a basis for the creation of new knowledge on the part of new researchers.

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