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CETAPS Digital Laboratory is a platform for Digital Humanities that hosts unique projects and provides initial and advanced training and support to CETAPS members, collaborators and students to experiment with critical digital humanities approaches.

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Advanced Research in Utopian Studies

With over 19,000 entries compiled by Lyman Tower Sargent, this already is the major resource of critical bibliography on utopia, but we expect it to grow with your contribution. Our aim is to have a complete list of critical sources in any language, add digital objects such as abstracts and full texts, and make the database searchable by subject.

CETAPS Repository

The CETAPS Repository is an initiative of the CETAPS Digital Lab that offers the academic and non-academic community valuable collections and resources in the fields of English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies.

E-Dicionário de Termos Literários

Through the project E-Dicionário de Termos Literários it is intended to collect the greatest possible number of technical terms being used in theories of literature, literary criticism, academic texts and specific bibliographies from both literary and cultural studies.

It has over 1500 entries and a high number of up-to-date terms. It also includes many foreign terms that are a part of the technical language of literature, which is used in a varied way in the Portuguese-speaking world.

It is possible to add comments to each entry (subject to approval) and the authors can edit their own texts at any time.


English Travellers in Portugal (20th century)


Digital Humanities: TENT-ative Definitions and the New Modalities of Scholarship”

Location: July 5 - 10:00-12:00 - Anfiteatro Nobre (FLUP) Speaker: Dr. Craig Saper, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), Estados Unidos da América(https://llc.umbc.edu/saper/) Summary: The lecture will open the conversation and cover what digital humanities...

Raízes das Humanidades, sob o signo da sustentabilidade

Integrado na programação do SER HUMANO - Festival das Humanidades, o evento "Raízes das Humanidades" convida à reflexão sobre as origens e evolução das humanidades, com um enfoque especial na sustentabilidade e nas formas como as práticas culturais humanas interagem...

Open Class on Linked Data

On April 27th, 14:00-17:00, in Room B207 at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, the Research Methodologies course of the Masters in Multimedia will be open to all those interested in Linked Open Data Workshop. The class is organized by the Digital...

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