Objectives and outputs


  • Develop a nationwide network of CLIL researchers, practitioners and institutions engaged in CLIL
  • Create partnerships between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and schools within and beyond the Portuguese national context in order to conduct research, develop teaching and teacher education practices
  • Conduct evidence-based research and longitudinal studies across educational levels
  • Engage working groups of researchers and professionals in discussion of key issues in CLIL/bilingual education in Portugal
  • Facilitate dissemination of publications and research projects in Portugal
  • Provide support for CLIL across educational levels (through teacher education programmes; conferences; resources, external coordination of CLIL projects in schools (including teacher observation); development of materials
  • Organise and host a biennial international colloquium
  • Host and support other CLIL researchers through research stays at Working CLIL member institutions
  • Involve JRAAS in CLIL activities



Outputs 2018 - 2023

Working CLIL