Carlotta Pisano

Carlotta Pisano is a Ph.D. candidate in Modern Literatures and Culture at NOVA Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities – NOVA FCSH. Her main fields of interests include the post-colonial literature in British speaking countries, particularly in the Caribbean, the African diaspora, the ethnographic novels and soundscapes connected to the Caribbean culture. Her research is mainly focused on the Trinidadian novelist Sam Selvon and the peculiarities of his carnivalesque writings in the London-period’s novels (1955-1979). 
With over ten years of experience in the international relations of Higher Education Institutions, she also is the Professor in charge of the Ideas Club for the Foundation Semester SUPERNOVA since 2020, where she teaches students the importance of the intercultural communication, diversity and inclusion through weekly debates.

Latest publications:

Pisano, Carlotta. “Representation as Collective Memory. Carnivalesque and Orality in Eldorado West One by Sam Selvon”, Via Panoramica, Vol. 11, Nº2, 2022.

Rapanta, Chrysi.; Pisano, Carlotta. “Structuring International University Students’ Reflection and Meta-reflection Experiences Online”, TECH-EDU 2020: Technology and Innovation in Learning, Teaching and Education, Springer, 2021, pp 141-155.