The fundamental aim of this research strand is to study the relationship between literature and different forms of contemporary media, namely television, cinema and new media. This implies the development of different fields of research, such as: the role played by a set of television series produced by the BBC as strong canonical propagators of Anglophone culture; the importance of television, in general, as propagator of Anglophone literature and culture; the implications of the dynamic relationship between Anglophone literature and cinema; the role of transmedia storytelling as representation of various storyworlds through multiple media and to diverse audiences within Anglophone cultures. Researchers will approach selected texts, from traditional literature to contemporary media, including novels, short stories, plays, films, television productions, graphic novels and digital literature as interconnected arenas of human experience and culture.

Colóquio “Uma Guerra que não foi das Estrelas”

Literature and the Media
Convener: Maria do Rosario Lupi Bello, Universidade Aberta/CECC/CETAPS):
Ana Rita Padeira (Universidade Aberta/CETAPS)
Maria da Conceição Castel-Branco (FCSH-UNL/CETAPS)
Maria de Jesus Relvas (Universidade Aberta/CEAUL/ULICES/CETAPS)
Cátia Ferreira (Universidade Católica/CECC/CETAPS)
Teresa Nunes Pereira (PhD Student/FCSH-UNL/CETAPS)