Ana Leão

Ana Leão is a PhD candidate and research member at CETAPS, Nova University, with experience as a foreign language teacher, translator, and interpreter in Iceland, Portugal, and Spain. Her main professional career has been English teaching at a cluster of schools in Portugal. She holds a master’s degree in English Teaching Methodology and advanced studies in Language Teaching – Multilingualism and Education for a Global Citizenship. She is interested in the areas of education for intercultural citizenship, democracy education, Content and Language Integrated Learning, and creative approaches to learning. She was awarded the JRAAS Research Excellence Seal in 2018 and a CETAPS and FCT co-joint research grant in 2020. She is a member of the coordinating team of CANDIICE, a European Erasmus+ innovationand research project for citizenship educators.


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Awards, Publications and Conferences as a teacher and researcher

2022 – Gave a workshop entitled ‘Digital apps to spark democracy learning’ in the CANDIICE International Conference – Creative Approaches to Democracy Education – CETAPS/Nova University, 10-12th March 2022.                

2022 – Co-organized the 3-day CANDIICE International Conference – Creative Approaches to Democracy Education – CETAPS/Nova University, 10-12th March 2022 and chaired the following panels: virtual dimensions of education for democracy; researching democracy education; empowering learners as democratic agents; and teacher education for democracy.

2022 –Co-organized and co-hosted the 4th TEALS/CETAPS Advanced Research Seminar: Researching Materials Development for Language Learning, 4th February 2022.

2022 – Gave a workshop entitled ‘Digital apps to spark democratic competence’ to teachers at a cluster of schools in Setúbal.

2022 – Gave workshops entitled ‘Developing democratic competence through digital apps’ to several groups of 10-12-year-old learners at a cluster of schools in Setúbal.

2021 – Co-organized and co-hosted the 3rd TEALS/CETAPS Advanced Research Seminar: Research in progress: Looking at the dark side, 15th July 2022.

2021 – Participated in the 3rd Advanced Research Seminar: Research in progress: Looking at the dark side, with a presentation called ‘Taking advantage of viruses and other maladies to enhance empirical research”, organized by CETAPS/Nova University – 15th July.

2021 – Participated in the 1st of a series of INCOLLAB conferences – Innovative Interdisciplinary Collaborative Approaches to Learning and Teaching (INCOLLAB) 2021 with a presentation called – “From Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) to Intercultural Citizenship and Language Integrated Learning (ICLIL)” – 11th June 2021.

2020 – Awarded with a research grant by CETAPS and FCT in November 2020.

2020 – Participated in the Networking Europeans Citizenship Education Conference (NECE) 2020 “Reconnecting in a post pandemic world. Citizenship education for democracy and sustainability with a Pechakucha presentation entitled “Democratic Competence” on 7th October 2020.

2019 – “Estilos de aprendizaje y las tecnologías digitales: la competencia intercultural en el aula de lengua extranjera,” for the World Congress about Learning Styles in Colombia, VIII CONGRESO MUNDIAL DE ESTILOS DE APRENDIZAJE: MODELOS EDUCATIVOS, RETOS PARA LOS DOCENTES EN LA DIVERSIDAD DE CONTEXTOS DE FORMACIÓN. < >

2019 – “Interculturality in English Language Teaching,” Via Panorâmica journal.  <>

2018 – Participated in the 7th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TEACHING ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE –  “Intercultural language  education for increased European identity and cohesion,” held at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences – New University of Lisbon – on 9th  – 10th November 2018 with a talk entitled: Interculturality in English Language Teaching – a small study with Portuguese teachers.

2018 – Holds the JRAAS SEAL OF RESEARCH EXCELLENCE since May 2018.

2018 – Participated in the 2ND JRAAS ANGLO-AMERICAN STUDIES MEETING in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities – University of Porto –  15th May with a presentation entitled Interculturality in English Language Teaching

2018 – “Interculturality in English Language Teaching – a small study with Portuguese teachers”- e-Teals: <>

2006 – Participated in a CONFERENCE AT THE CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN COMMUNICATION, INFORMATION AND DIGITAL CULTURE, about an educational experiential activity – a blog created for a 5th grade alternative curriculum at Barbosa du Bocage cluster of schools in Setúbal <>