The Chair results from a partnership with the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto and the Open University, involving researchers and projects from various countries, non-academic institutions such as the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC, Chiado), FCCN and the Portuguese Institute Sport and Youth. It is also supported by the Ministry of Education of Portugal. The Chair’s funding base resides in two digital projects funded by FCT: Digital Humanities Laboratory:, led by Professor Daniel Alves from the NOVA FCSH Institute of Contemporary History and CETAPS Digital Laboratory :, led by Professor Fátima Vieira, deputy director of CETAPS and vice-chancellor of the University of Porto. At Universidade Aberta, the work developed from UAb LE@D laboratory will also be important. Many other digital projects existing in the three partner institutions will work in an interdisciplinary way to promote their application to educational contexts at all levels. Institutional partners from several countries will also be instrumental in expanding the Chair in the specific field of digital humanities.