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If you have a new reference to be included in the database, please follow one of the links below. Please note that we have different links for different types of publications:

1) Books

2) Book Chapters

3) Journal Articles

4) Entries in books of abstracts

5) Academic works (MA.s, Ph.D.s, and academic reports)

6) Websites and blogs



We expect this database to grow with the help of academics and researchers of the field of utopian studies, so that we may offer a complete list of critical resources in any language. If you want to be a contributing editor for your country, please contact Fátima Vieira (



Contributing Editors

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João Rocha Silva

DSpace Platform Manager

Neuza Santos (current co-manager)

Sérgio Jesus (former co-manager)

Technical Contributors (insertion of references)

Maria Nunes

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Evan Chernicky

Ilaria Arena

Dóra Kelemen

Kristin Hansen

Paolo Chelo