Allyson Roberts

Allyson has been involved in ELT for a number of years working in the profession as teacher, teacher trainer, and most recently in Higher Education at Nova University Lisbon, Portugal, where she is teaching on both undergraduate courses and on the MA programme in English Language Teaching. Countries of teaching and teacher training include Algeria, Germany, United Kingdom, Egypt and Canada. She has designed and taught on a wide range of courses including English for business and professionals, English in the health sector, and English for educational purposes in a number of language institutes. She was Director of Studies at International House, London, UK. More recently she was involved in Portugal in the Cambridge University Exams as Team Leader responsible for the assessment of speaking skills.

She completed her MA in E-Learning at Sheffield University, UK, online, focussing on collaborative online learning and emerging issues in blended course design. She has participated in courses focussing on online learning, including with the Institute of Education, London, in Online Education and Training. She has also followed courses to develop online moderation and facilitation skills such as with ‘Wise Circle’, USA, and the ‘E-Consultants’, UK. Her interest in developing skills in online teaching have resulted in her moderating the Teacher Training forum of the IATEFL congress held at Exeter University, UK. Coming to understand the Moodle platform involved following a course in using Moodle with the ‘E-Consultants’ UK, which lead to her running sessions on Moodle for the Summer Course programme in Teaching English at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

She has been involved in planning and organising four conferences on ELT at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and given workshops/talks on  ‘Moodle – a pedagogical tool or post and run?’ and ‘Action Research in Practice – a Reflective Approach’.

Future projects include implementing the Masters in ELT online in a joint project with the Universidade Aberta, Lisbon, and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Recent publications include:

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Roberts, A. “Life in Space.” I-Read – New English Readers. China: Qingdao Publishing House, 2015.

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